Missionary Countdown

October 13, 2010

This is a poem I read at the graveside service when we released the balloons

"We Remember Forever"

Hope, we will remember you forever.
Your preciousness, beauty and love
To acknowledge your life
Your importance
Your legacy
Gift and grace
For had we had a lifetime
We'd love you just the same.

You live
In our hearts
In heaven
An angel
A guardian
Shaping our thoughts and our lives.

Silent prayers, thoughts or tears - we release
Our hearts broken in pain
Pausing now for a moment
Uninterrupted -to express
Our love for you, Hope.

Towards the heavens our balloons rise
Higher higher they fly
Like butterfly messengers
And rainbow promises
As we say our earthly goodbyes, until we meet again!

We love you Hope! We will miss you!

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